Crop or mask graphics

When you want to crop the edges of a graphic, place the graphic in an anchored or unanchored graphic frame. An anchored graphic frame moves with the surrounding text. An unanchored graphic frame stays wherever you place it on a page, even when the text around it moves as the result of editing.

Uncropped and cropped graphics in graphic frames


When you want to mask an area of a graphic, particularly if the part you want to mask is in the middle of a graphic, you can cover the area with nonbordered objects.

Crop the edges of a graphic frame

1)Do one of the following to create a graphic frame:

To create an unanchored frame, click the Graphic Frame tool P_Frame_18x18_N.png on the Tools pod and then drag to draw the frame. To draw a square frame, Shift-drag.

To create an anchored frame, use Special > Anchored Frame.

2)Do one of the following to put the graphic in the frame:

Drag the graphic into the frame.

Select the graphic, choose Edit > Copy or Edit > Cut, select the frame border, and then choose Edit > Paste.

3)Resize the frame around the graphic.

Mask an area within a graphic frame

1)Put graphic objects (such as rectangles and polygons) with a white fill and pen pattern in front of the parts you want to mask.

September 30, 2016

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