Capturing and inserting images

You can use RoboScreenCapture from FrameMaker to capture a screenshot from an application running on your computer, and save it in RoboScreenCapture. You can then import the file into an open FrameMaker document.

1)Open the FrameMaker document into which you want to insert images.

2)Select File > Launch RoboScreenCapture. The RoboScreenCapture application opens.

3)From RoboScreenCapture, capture a screenshot of the desired application using the various options in the Capture menu.

4)Save the file, and close RoboScreenCapture.

5)In Adobe FrameMaker, select File > Import > File. The Import dialog box appears.

6)Select the file created in RoboScreenCapture.

7)Select Import by Reference from the Import dialog box.

8)Click Import.

September 30, 2016

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