3D object part links

To link a 3D object’s parts to textual objects in the document, use 3D object part links. A use for adding 3D object part links can be to link them to a description of each of the parts.



A. List of the selected 3D object’s parts B. List of the markers that you can make link destinations for the 3D object’s parts

Create 3D links

You can create 3D object links and link them to Specify Named Destination command or URL.

1)Ensure that your document has Specify Named Destination hypertext. Specify Named Desti­nation hypertext can exist either in the same document or in other documents.

2)Right-click a 3D object and select 3D Menu > Link to Text.

3)In the Link to Text dialog, do the following:

a)To insert a link, select a part of the 3D object, then select a Marker, and click Insert Link to Text.

b)To delete a link, select a part name linked to a marker and click Delete Link to Text.

c)To modify a link, select a part name linked to a marker, select a different marker, and click Update link to Text.

d)To view linked parts, select Show Only Linked Parts. When you select a linked part, the linked marker is selected.

4)Click OK.

September 30, 2016

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