Right-to-left language support

FrameMaker now supports right-to-left (RTL) language scripts such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi. You can author the entire document in the RTL script of your choice or you can author a document in both RTL and LTR scripts simultaneously. For example, in an LTR document, you can include selected paragraphs or tables that are authored in an RTL script. You can also author a document containing both RTL and LTR content.

Bi-directional content authoring

FrameMaker provides out-of-the-box document direction support for both unstructured docu­ments (see Set the direction of a document) and DITA topics (see Change text direction). However, for structured documents based on other structured applications, the application developer will need to define the dir property in the EDD. For details, see the Structured applications reference guide.

You can also choose to author multi-directional documents. This means that you can author a docu­ment in a specific direction that includes parts authored in the other direction. For example, you can author a document in a LTR script such as English that includes paragraphs (see Paragraph Designer) and tables (see Change the direction of text in table) authored in RTL scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Farsi.

You can import Word documents into FrameMaker that contain content that is either LTR or RTL (see Import Microsoft Word files). You can also copy and paste such text to and from FrameMaker documents.

For more information, see Document direction.

See the video, Bi-directional language authoring.

Bi-directional content publishing

You can save your bi-directional documents to PDF. You can use FrameMaker’s multi-device publishing feature to generate bi-directional output.

For more information, see Create a document.

See the video, Bi-directional Content Publishing.

Bi-directional content flipping

You can also flip objects, such as images, in a document.

See the video, Bi-directional content flipping.

September 30, 2016

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