FrameMaker mode

The FrameMaker mode is ideal for authoring content that need not be tied to a rigid structure. The unstructured style of authoring relies on a template to define the presentation of content. Font, para­graph, table, and other formats are often based on style guides, and content writing rules specified by editors. You, as an author, decide the content flow and formatting. For example, depending on the nature of content, you may include headings followed either by paragraphs or by graphics. This means that in an unstructured authoring workflow, you create relatively free-flow documents that are largely style-based.

A typical workflow for unstructured authoring in FrameMaker comprises the following tasks:

Create single documents or include multiple documents in a book.

Specify how content is presented by defining font, paragraph, and table formats among others.

Create templates, with appropriate styles, that can be shared with multiple authors.

Use the Document window to author in this free-form environment. Type Enter to create a new paragraph or place the insertion point at the required location before you insert objects like images and tables.

Author in any of the supported formats:

unstructured documents (.fm)

Maker Interchange Format documents (.mif)

books (.book)

note:    You cannot use the FrameMaker mode to open structured documents.



September 30, 2016

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