Choose an authoring mode

The first time you launch FrameMaker, you are prompted to choose from the following modes:


Structured FrameMaker

FrameMaker XML Author

If you have already opened FrameMaker in one of the modes, you can change the mode from the Preferences dialog:

1)Open the Preferences dialog (Edit > Preferences).

2)In the Preferences dialog, go to Global > General tab.

3)In the Product Interface drop-down list, choose the FrameMaker mode and click OK.

You are prompted to restart FrameMaker for the changes to take effect.

The FrameMaker user interface provides for a seamless transition between unstructured and struc­tured authoring. The menu options and other user interface elements are consistent between both the modes. The options, however, are specific to the mode in which you are authoring.

September 30, 2016

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