Multichannel publishing

The increasing number and variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, eBook readers) on which users view documents demands that writers publish content that is readable across these devices. However, the limited resources of people and time makes it extremely expensive to build a different authoring or publishing system for each output format. To enable its users to write once and publish to multiple formats, FrameMaker provides a stand-alone multi-channel, multi-device publishing solution. This solution allows you to publish to the following output formats - providing your readers with access to your documents across different devices and different form factors:

Responsive HTML5

Mobile App




Microsoft HTML Help

Adobe DPS

When you publish your FrameMaker content to one or more of the output formats, the styles and settings of the published output is defined by the FrameMaker template and content that you use. For example, the style of the Heading1 format in your template mapped to the H1 tag in HTML5 output is black, Times New Roman, 18 px. Or, the output format name (Responsive HTML5 or WebHelp) is the title of the HTML output. However, you are not restricted to the out-of-the-box styles and settings. The publishing solution allows you to easily customize the output styles and settings on-the-fly from the same publishing interface.