Optimize files created in previous versions

You can create named destinations only for paragraphs referenced in hypertext links or cross-refer­ences, thereby reducing file size. However, documents created in versions of FrameMaker earlier than 6.0 undergo a special conversion to take advantage of this method of marking.

The Options command changes the default optimization options, which remain in effect until you change them, even if you exit and restart FrameMaker. The Optimize File command uses the settings specified in the Optimization Options dialog box to prepare your documents for reducing PDF file size.

Optimization options

To open the Optimization Options dialog, choose Format > Document > Optimize PDF Size > Options.

In the Optimization Options dialog:

Optimize PDF Size

Choose to optimize the size of all linked documents or only the current document.

Force Optimization

For a previously optimized document, select Force Optimization to re-optimize.

Optionally, select Clear Existing Optimization Info to remove previous optimization changes.

Prompt When Opening

Prompt to open linked files.

Prompt When Saving

Prompt to save a linked document opened for optimization.

Also, prompt to save every or only previously optimized files.

Optimized Files

Specify whether to overwrite existing files (recommended), or to write files to a directory you specify (for testing) when you click Browse.

Cancel On Error

Stop optimization in case of an error.

September 30, 2016

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