Generate output using the default publish settings

The FrameMaker publishing solution allows you to publish content (.ditamap, .xml, .book, .fm, .mif) to any of the available output formats:

1)Choose File > Publish.

The Publish dialog is displayed. The Publish dialog allows you to publish FrameMaker content to one or more of the available output formats.



note:    When you open the Publish dialog, the drop-down list defaults to currently opened docu­ment or the book/ditamap file. Keep in mind that if you change the focus to another file (book, ditamap, or document) in your workspace, the newly selected file will be published.

A (Source Document)

Select the document or book to publish.

B (Generate Selected Output)

Select the output format to publish.

C (Generate Multiple Outputs)

Open the Generate Multiple Outputs dialog and select one or more formats to publish simul­taneously.



D (Publish to Server)

Publish Responsive HTML5 output to RoboHelp Server. This button is active only when you select Responsive HTML5 as the output format.

E (View Output)

View the published output for the selected format if you have previously generated output for the format.

F (Output format list)

Choose an output format.

G (Settings)

The Settings drop-down list provide options that allow you to edit, create, and browse publish settings for the current document. For details, see Configure publish settings.

The drop-down list also provides an option to import an ISF file. For details, see Use the Robo­Help settings (isf) file.

H & I (Output Folder)

Enter or choose an output folder.

2)You can publish the content to a single format or multiple formats.

To publish the content to a single output format:

a)Click the format in the list and click Generate Selected Output.

Alternatively, double-click the required output format.

When the publish process is complete, the Publish Result dialog displays the location of the output.

b)You can view the output in the default application (a web browser or an eBook reader) or you can view the log details of the process.

To publish the content to multiple formats:

a)Click Generate Multiple Outputs.

In the Generate Multiple Outputs dialog:

The Last Generated column displays the last generated date of the specific format

The Status column displays whether or not the specific format has been published

b)Check the output format to publish and click Generate.

As soon as the Progress dialog closes, notice that the Status column of the selected formats is now set to Generated.

c)To view the output in the default applications (for example HTML in a browser) for the selected formats, click View.

September 30, 2016

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