Working with files

After you upload a file to the repository, you can perform CMS file operations on the file such as check-out, open read-only, check-in, view dependents, and more.

Check out a file

To check out a file, right-click on a file and select Checkout.

When the file is successfully checked out, a check indicator appears on the file icon in the Repository Manager.

Check in a file

After you are done with making changes to a checked out file, check the file back into the repository. Check in allows other users to work with the updated file.

To check in a file, right click on the file that you want to check in and select Check-in. In the Check-in dialog, you can specify the Version Label to describe the changes you have made in the document.

Cancel Checkout of a file

After making changes to a checked out file, you can choose to not check these changes back into the repository. In this case, you can cancel the file check out and release the file for other users.

To cancel the file check out, right-click on a checked out file, and select Cancel Checkout.

The file check out is canceled and the latest copy of the file is downloaded from the server. Other users can now check out this file.

Other operations on a file

Besides for the operations described above, you can perform the following operations on files in the AEM repository:


Open the file in the read-only mode without checking out the file.

View Dependents

Display the list of dependent or missing files.

Download Dependents

Download the dependent files.

Cut, Copy, Paste

You can perform these operations to move or replicate files in your repository.


If the file is not checked out, delete the file from the repository.


Locate the physical destination of the file on the local machine.

View Metadata

Display the metadata associated with the file. You can also associate XMP metadata with a FrameMaker file, for details see Associate XMP Metadata.

View Versions

Display the list of file versions available in the repository.

View Properties

Display the list of file properties such as created date, created by, server path, and more.


Refresh the current state of the file. For example, if you view the file as checked out by another user, the user then checks the file in. Refresh the state of the file after the other user checked the file in.

September 30, 2016

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