Set up the AEM connector

AEM is a Web content management system that allows you to store digital assets in its DAM (digital asset management) repository. The AEM connector allows you to manage your FrameMaker docu­ments using the DAM.

note:    You can choose to store your documents in any AEM folder. However, if you use the AEM DAM, you will be able to take advantage of DAM features such as searching for digital assets.

To set up the AEM connector:

1)In FrameMaker, from the CMS menu, choose Connection Manager.

2)In the Choose Connection drop-down, choose Adobe Experience Manager.

3)In the Connection Details section, enter the following details:


A friendly name for your FM - AEM connection.


The AEM server location in the following syntax:


User Name and Password

Specify the User Name and Password to connect to the AEM server. Select the Save Password option to save the password.


AEM workspace.

Default workspace: crx.default.

You are recommended to create a folder within the DAM workspace. However, you can create a folder at any location in the repository.

Local Folder

Local folder location to save files from AEM.

The default location is C:\Users\<usernname>\Documents. You can change the default location by clicking the browse button.

FrameMaker always creates the local download folder in lower case, irrespective of the connec­tion title provided in the Connection Manager dialog.

4)Click Connect to set up the FM - AEM connector.

The AEM connector is displayed in the Repository Manager window.

Additional notes:

Click Clear if you want to clear the entries. Note that Clear resets the Workspace and Local Folder fields to their default values.

Click Remove to remove the connection from Connection Manager.

September 30, 2016

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