The review functionality allows you to sync, view and reply to comments received from reviewers. For this functionality to work, you must have the XML Add-on installed on your AEM server.

Using the review feature provided in the XML Add-on, an author can initiate a document review from AEM. Multiple reviewers can review a single topic and share their comments. The comments can then be viewed and managed from the Review Comments pod in FrameMaker.

note:    You cannot initiate a review task from FrameMaker, but you can post comments on the topics. They are reflected in AEM when you sync the same topic in AEM.


From the Review Comments pod, you can:

A: Filter comments by choosing reviewers from Reviewers list. See all comments by clicking on Show All Comments.

B: Mark the status for each comment. Choose from None, Accepted or Rejected.

C: Post a reply for a comment.

To access the Review Comments pod and manage comments, perform the following steps:

1)Open the topic for which you want to view the comments.

2)Click Review Comments icon to open the Review Comments pod from the Repository Manager window.

3)In the Review Comments pod, click Sync Comments.

You can see a list of comments for the currently open topic.

4)Manage your comments by either posting a reply, or changing the status of the comment.

September 30, 2016

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