Manage AEM preferences

You can manage the FrameMaker AEM connector preferences using the CQPreference.xml (located in the FrameMaker install directory).

To update the preferences, open the XML file in an XML or text editor and make change to the following properties, as needed:





true displays only the DAM related folders\assets for which you have read permissions in Repository Manager.

false displays all the folders in Repository Manager.

For example, if this field is set to true, and folders is set to "content,apps" FrameMaker displays only two folders in the content repository: content and apps. If this field is set to true and folders is set to “content/dam” the content repository displays content as top level folder and dam as a sub-folder.


SetUserArea folders

Specify the AEM application folder where all the FrameMaker files are downloaded from AEM to the local disk.

This field is blank by default. When you do not edit this field and keep it blank, the default folder is: %APPDATA%\ Adobe\Frame Maker\CQ


true suppresses the alert messages, such as missing dependent file alerts while uploading/checkin/checkout files, and displays the message content in the FM console window file.

false does not suppress the alert messages.



anychar="true" allows all the characters and special characters in the filenames in the repository.

anychar="false" lets you specify the allowed characters in the repository filenames using AlphaNumeric and OtherCharsSpecialChars values.

note:    By default, Unicode is not supported in filenames. To enable Unicode characters in new folder and filenames, switch off the restrictions. (set FileNameRe- strictions anychar = true).



true allows alphanumeric characters in filenames.

This preference is relevant only when FileNameRestrictions anychar is set to false.


SpecialChars values

List the other characters that are allowed. For example, to allow “-” and “:” in the repository filenames set the value if this field to: “-:”.

This preference is relevant only when FileNameRestrictions anychar is set to false.


ShowProgressBar value

true shows a progress bar for indicating the progress of operations, such as check in, check out, download.

false does not display the progress bar.


AddHiddenDependencies value

true uploads dependencies, such as cross-references, text inset, graphics, hidden through conditional text or filter attribute while uploading a file.

false ignores all hidden dependencies while uploading a file


ManageReferences value

true allows you to customize reference handling with menu and UI options

false maintains existing behavior


AutoRefreshParent value

true refreshes the parent node (file or folder) in the Repository Manager after each operation, such as check out.

false does not refresh the parent node automatically.

Set it to false, if better performance is required.


To effect these changes, you need to restart CMS session.

September 30, 2016

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