Create a CRX folder and upload files

You have the option of adding files at any level of the content folder hierarchy. However, to take advantage of the AEM DAM functionality, you are recommended to a create folder within the dam folder. After you have created a folder, you can then upload files and folders to the repository.

1)To create a sub folder within the dam folder, right-click on the dam folder and choose New Folder.

2)Enter the new folder name and click OK.

Before, you can start working with files in the repository, you need to first upload the files.

You can choose to upload a file or upload a folder. If you upload a folder, all the sub-folders and files within the selected folder are uploaded.

3)To upload a file, right-click on the folder into which you want to upload, and choose one of the following:

Upload File

Upload a single file without its dependencies

Upload File With Dependents

Upload a single file with the following dependencies:

Content references

Cross references


Upload Folder

Upload a folder and its contents

4)Choose the file or folder to upload and click Select.

The file or folder is uploaded to the folder in the AEM repository.

note:    When you upload an asset (file\folder) already present in DAM, FrameMaker creates a minor version of the asset. This happens only if the present asset in DAM is not locked by a user.

Other operations on the folder

Besides creating folder, uploading files / folders to a folder in the AEM repository, you can also perform the following operations at a folder level:

Cut, Copy, Paste

You can perform these operations to move or replicate folders in your repository.


Delete a folder and its contents.


Locate the physical destination of the folder on the local machine.

Show Checked out Files:

Display the list of checked out files in the folder.

View Properties:

Display properties of the folder.


Refresh the contents of the folder.

September 30, 2016

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