Connect to the content management system

1)In FrameMaker, select CMS > Connection Manager.

2)Choose the connection type — Documentum, SharePoint, DITAExchange, or Adobe Experi­ence Manager.

3)Specify the connection details, such as server name, user name, and password to connect to your CMS. Also, specify a unique name for the connection.

note:    The value in the Name field uniquely identifies each connection. All connections are added to the favorites list. The list can store a maximum of sixteen favorites. If you try to store the seven­teenth connection, the first connection on the list is removed to accommodate it. The connection list works in a first in, first out manner.

note:    To delete a listed connection, select it from the list and click Remove.

4)(Documentum only) Specify the name of the Documentum repository to which FrameMaker will connect using this connection.

5)Click Connect.

The Repository Manager lists the contents of the selected server.

September 30, 2016

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