Configure the connectors

To set up the connectors, complete the following tasks:

Set default file versioning

You can specify the versioning scheme to be applied when you use FrameMaker to upload a docu­ment that exists in a Documentum, SharePoint, or DITAExchange repository. The document is overwritten and the specified file versioning settings are applied to the document.

1)In FrameMaker, Click Edit > Preferences.

2)In CMS, ensure that Overwrite existing object and save as is selected.

3)Select the versioning option per your requirement. You can choose to have the same (Docu­mentum only), next major, or next minor version for the uploaded document.

4)Click OK.

Setup and configure the Documentum connector


Set the Repository Manager view

1)In FrameMaker, Click Edit > Preferences.

2)In CMS > Documentum, select Show Hidden Objects to view the hidden files (contained in a repository) in the Repository Manager window.

3)Select Show Private Cabinets to view the private cabinets (contained in a repository) in the Repository Manager window.

4)Click OK.

Download the Powerlink SDK

Download the Documentum Foundational Services SDK from the EMC website.

note:    You need an EMC powerlink login to download the SDK.

Specify the DFS SDK path

1)Download the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) SDK from EMC Community Network.

2)Extract the zip file.

3)In FrameMaker, Click Edit > Preferences.

4)In CMS > Documentum, click Browse.

5)In the Browse For Folder window, navigate to the SDK (e.g. emc-dfs-sdk-6.5) folder.

6)Click OK in the Browse For Folder window.

7)Click OK in the CMS Preferences window.

A message box prompts you to restart FrameMaker.

8)Restart FrameMaker.

Add the FrameMaker types and formats on the Server

You can add the FrameMaker types and formats on the Content server using a .dar file.

Add the FrameMaker types on the Server using the .dar file

To add the FrameMaker types on the Content server, you need Administrator or Create Type priv­ilege.

1)Download the .dar file from the following location and use it to add the FrameMaker types on the Server:

Set up sample Adobe FrameMaker DITA Applications for Documentum Server

A FrameMaker sample application pack is available at­ta_app_pack_en. The application pack includes an indicative set of applications to help content administrators configure FrameMaker to author files on Documentum server. Download and install the sample application pack to avoid the warnings and XML parser logs when you work with XML files from Documentum server.

September 30, 2016

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