Work with group titles in indexes

Index entries are initially grouped one letter at a time—all the As, all the Bs, and so on—using the uppercase letter as a group title. In a small index or when only a few entries appear under some letters such as X, Y, and Z , you may want to group letters differently and change the group titles.

FrameMaker inserts group titles as if they were index entries but uses a different paragraph format. It uses the labels and sort positions you specify in the GroupTitles paragraph in the special text flow.

An edited GroupTitles paragraph on the IX reference page


A. Sorting information B. Group title

The result in the index


Change the groupings and group titles

1)Choose View > Reference Pages, and display the reference page that contains the special text flow for the index.

2)Edit the GroupTitles paragraph in the special text flow. For example, edit the group titles (the characters between semicolons, excluding bracketed text), or delete group titles you don’t want. Type text between brackets (  [ ]  ) to specify where you want the group titles sorted.

For example, to collapse all entries that start with V through Z into a single group whose title sorts under V, edit the GroupTitles paragraph so that its last entry is V–Z[V].

tip:   The first two entries in the GroupTitles paragraph define what group titles to use for symbols and numbers and where to place these titles. You can change the titles, but changing the sort information of these two groups might give unexpected results.

Create an index without group titles

1)Edit the GroupTitles paragraph in the special text flow to look like this:



Create an index with neither a group title nor a space between entry groupings

1)Delete all the text in the GroupTitles paragraph in the special text flow, but don’t delete the paragraph symbol.

Create quick access to group titles in a hypertext document

1)Generate clickable thumbtabs to the group titles to make navigating through the index easier.

September 30, 2016

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