Use tabs and tab leaders in a list or index

You can use tabs to align page numbers in a list or index. You can also use tabs to add tab leaders, such as a row of dots, between entry text and page numbers.

Right-aligned tab stop with leader dots in a TOC


Tab stops make index page numbers line up in columns.


1)Choose View > Reference Pages and display the reference page that contains the special text flow.

2)Do one of the following:

For a list, select the space between the <$paratext> and <$pagenum> building blocks in the paragraph whose tag matches the entries you want to change.

For an index, select the space before the number 1 in the Separators paragraph.

3)Press Tab.

4)Change the paragraph format by adding a tab stop where you want to align the page numbers. Define the format to include leader dots, if you want. Then update the paragraph formats so the changes are available the next time you generate the list or index.

September 30, 2016

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