Update and edit TOCs and lists

You update entries in a list by editing their corresponding paragraphs or markers in the source docu­ment and then regenerating the list. If you edit entries by typing directly in the list, your changes will disappear when you regenerate it.

For example, if you fix a typing error directly in a table of contents, that error will reemerge the next time you generate because it still exists in the source paragraph. To permanently fix an error, you must correct it by changing the paragraph or marker text in the source document and then regener­ating the list.

important:   If a generated list is structured, you’ll lose the structure every time you regenerate it. Do not add structure to a list until it is in its final version.

Update a TOC or list that is part of a book

1)Make changes to the source documents as needed.

2)In the book window, choose Edit > Update Book.

3)Move the lists you want to update to the Generate scroll list, make sure Generate Table Of Contents, Lists, and Indexes is selected, and then click Update.

Add or remove paragraph tags from a TOC or list that is part of a book

1)Select the generated file (such as the table of contents) in the book window.

2)Choose Edit > Set Up Table Of Contents or Set Up List of type.

3)Move items between the list boxes as desired, and click Set. Then click Update.

Update a TOC or list that is a stand-alone document

1)Make changes to the source document as needed.

2)In the source document, choose the command (such as Table Of Contents) from the Special menu, and then choose Yes when prompted to create a standalone document.

3)Move items between the list boxes as desired, and click Set.

Find the source of list entries

When you need to revise an entry, you trace the entry back to the corresponding paragraph or element in the source document.

1)If you did not select Create Hypertext Links when you generated the list or index, select it now and regenerate the list.

2)In the generated list, Alt-Control-click an entry in a list.

FrameMaker opens the source document to the page that contains the corresponding para­graph and selects it. If the element is a marker, the marker text appears in the Marker pod.

Find and select a paragraph by using Find/Change

1)If you’re revising a marker element in a structured document, choose Special > Marker so you can see the marker text.

2)In the source document (not in the generated list), choose Edit > Find/Change.

3)Choose Paragraph Tag (unstructured documents) or Element (structured documents) from the Find pop-up menu. Enter the tag or element you want to find, and then click Find.

note:   When a marker element is selected, the marker text appears in the Marker pod. Don’t click Change in the Find/Change dialog box to change the marker text. If you do, FrameMaker replaces the marker itself. Instead, change the text in the Marker pod, and then click Edit Marker.

Edit and delete list entries

1)In an unstructured document, edit or delete the paragraph text.

2)In a structured document, select the element, and do either of the following:

Change the text in the Marker pod, and click Edit Marker.

Press Delete.

September 30, 2016

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