Update a book

1)In the book window, choose Edit > Update Book, or click the Update Book icon BookUpdate.png.

2)Select whether you want to update numbering, cross-references, text insets, or generated files, such as tables of contents and indexes.

3)Move the names of the files you want to generate to the Generate scroll list.

To move a filename between scroll lists, select the filename and click an arrow or double-click the filename. To move all filenames from one scroll list to the other, Shift-click an arrow.

note:   If no files are present, the book has no generated files. If no files appear in the lists—or if you move all the files to the Don’t Generate list—you should still continue to the next step to update the book’s pagination, numbering, text insets, and cross-references.

4)Click Update.

5)Save the open files to keep the changes. Open files are updated only in your computer’s memory and not on the disk. If a file isn’t open, the changes are made on the disk—even if the file is in the View Only format.

September 30, 2016

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