Troubleshooting books

Even though you can update and generate a book without error messages, the book may still have some problems that need correcting.

Generated file is empty

Make sure the name of the generated file is preceded by a generated files icon BookGenF.png in the book window. If it isn’t, the file was added as a document to the book file rather than as a generated file (see Create a book). When a file is added as a document file, FrameMaker won’t generate it. Also check that the setup of the generated file is correct.

Slow performance

To improve performance, open as many files in the book as possible before you use Edit > Update Book or File > Import > Formats in a book window. After using the command, save all the files in the book.

note:    In addition, if you experience slow performance while working with books, minimize or remove the Show/Hide Conditional Text pod from your workspace.

Chapter starts on wrong side

You need to correct your documents’ pagination.

September 30, 2016

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