Tables of contents and other lists

About generated files

A generated file is a file FrameMaker creates by extracting paragraphs or marker text from a single source document or from several documents in a book. Each time a generated file is updated, all paragraphs and marker text is updated with the current text from the source documents. This way, FrameMaker keeps generated files, such as tables of contents and indexes current and accurate.

You can generate several types of lists and indexes in addition to a table of contents and standard index. For example, you can generate lists and indexes that contain text from paragraphs or from markers that you inserted in text. The result may be a table of contents based on heading paragraphs, a list of illustrations based on figure titles, or an index based on special author markers. Most lists and indexes fall into three categories: lists of paragraphs (or elements in structured documents), lists of markers, and indexes of markers. A fourth category, lists, and indexes of references, is used less often.

September 30, 2016

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