Set up hierarchical books

In FrameMaker, you can create hierarchical books that can include multiple books and files orga­nized under folders or groups.

Hierarchical mixed FrameMaker book


A. Add a file to the book B. Add a folder in the book C. Add a group in the book D. Save the book file E. Delete a file from the book F. Update book G. Arrow keys to move book components H. Display file heading text. Icon changes to Display File Names on clicking. I. Search in a book J. Complete path of the book and book name K. Generated FrameMaker file - TOC L. .fm file M. Folder N. .xml files included in a book O. Group of files P. mif file in a group Q. Multiple sub-levels of folders R. Status bar for the book

Saving a hierarchical book as a FrameMaker 8 book flattens the hierarchical structure. FrameMaker flattens the hierarchical structure to a single level.

September 30, 2016

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