Set up a book file to create a master TOC or index

When you produce several related books, you may want to create a master table of contents (TOC) or index for the books.

1)Create a book file that contains the files in all the books in order.

If you’re adding files that were generated in the original books, add them to the new book as document files. If you need to update those generated files, do so from their original book file, not from the master book file.

2)Add a table of contents, an index, or other generated file to the new book file. This generated file will be the master file.

3)Using the book window, specify how volume, chapter, and page numbers for each document should appear in the master generated file.

note:   When you update the book, the book’s numbering options will override the documents’ numbering options, unless you select Read From File.

4)Using the book window, specify the appropriate pagination and page layout options.

5)Generate and update the file.

September 30, 2016

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