Resolve cross-references

Resolve a cross-reference when a marker has been deleted

1)hoose Unresolved Cross Reference from the cross-references pod. Ensure that you have the correct filename selected. The pod shows all unresolved cross-references.

2)Do one of the following:

If you do not need the cross-reference, delete it.

If FrameMaker finds an unresolved paragraph cross-reference, double-click the cross-reference to display the cross-reference dialog box, specify a different source, and click Replace.

If FrameMaker finds an unresolved spot cross-reference, insert a new cross-reference marker in the source text. Select the new marker from the cross-reference dialog box and click Replace.

Resolve a cross-reference when the ID and ID Reference values do not match (structured docu­ments)

1)Edit the ID or the ID Reference value so the two values match. (ID attributes are often read-only, so you may have to edit the ID Reference.)

September 30, 2016

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