Remove inherited information from structured files

When you generate and update a book, the files in the book inherit structure information from the book file. A file’s Element Catalog may have inclusions and exclusions from the book, and other inherited information in the file may affect the formatting of its text elements.

If you delete a file from a book to use the file as a stand-alone document, reapply the file’s element definitions to remove any structure information that came from the book. If the file’s text formatting was affected by this structure information, reapplying the definitions also restores the file’s original formatting.

1)Make the appropriate document window or book window active. If a book window is active, select the documents you want to affect.

2)In the file, choose File > Import > Element Definitions.

3)Leave the Import from Document pop-up menu set to Current, select While Updating: Remove Information Inherited from Book, and click Import.

September 30, 2016

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