Interpreting error messages

The Book Error Log reports all errors that occur when you apply a command to a book. In addition, many error messages contain hypertext links so that you can click the message in the Error Log to display the location of the error.

Unresolved Cross-Refs

The Book Error Log lists all files that contain unresolved cross-references.

Inconsistent Show/Hide Settings, Inconsistent Use Condition Indicators, or Inconsistent Condition Indicator

The indicated file contains conditional text settings that differ from those in the previous file in the book. You can make the settings in each file the same (by using Special > Conditional Text) or you can update the settings throughout the book at once. To do this, change the settings in one file and then use File > Import > Formats to apply the settings to the entire book.

Inconsistent Numbering Properties

The numbering properties specified in the component are different from the book’s numbering properties. The book’s numbering properties override those of the document. See Document and page numbering.

Inconsistent Color Settings

The indicated file contains color separation settings or color definitions that differ from those in the previous file in the book.

Couldn’t Open File

The Book Error Log will indicate if the file was saved using an older format, if it used unavail­able fonts, or if it cannot locate the file. For more information on the problem, open the file to see the alert message that appears.

Book Not Self-Consistent

The contents of generated files, the page count, or cross-references continued to change while generating and updating files in the book. For example, if a book contains both a list of markers and an alphabetical list of markers, and if both contain hypertext links, the number of markers grows each time the files are generated. If this happens, move one of the generated lists out of the Include scroll list when you use the Generate/Update command again.

Inconsistent Element Boundary Settings

In a structured book, element boundaries are showing in some files in the book but not in others. Fix the settings in individual files to make them consistent.

September 30, 2016

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