Generate and update books

After setting up a book and specifying page and paragraph numbering for each file in the book, you need to generate and update the files. Although you generate and update in one step, the two processes are different.

Generating creates the table of contents, other generated lists, and indexes in the book file. The first time you generate a list or index, it uses the page layout (master pages) and reference pages of the first nongenerated document in the book file.

Updating corrects numbering, revises cross-references so they reflect the numbering, reimports text insets, and adds or deletes empty pages where required. For structured documents it also revises the book’s element tags from information in the files and reapplies format rules from the book’s element definitions.

Be sure to generate and update a book whenever you make any of the following changes to a docu­ment or a book file:

Editing that affects pagination, such as content addition

Rearranging, adding, excluding, or removing files in the book

Changing \ text settings or indicators

Editing that affects a generated file, such as changing a chapter title or adding a Section element in a structured document

Changing the setup of documents or generated files

Changing formatting information in the special text flow on a reference page of a generated file

Adding a new color (so that color separations will be accurate)

Importing new or revised element definitions (structured documents)

Changing the highest-level element in one of the book’s files (structured documents)

September 30, 2016

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