Find the source of index entries

When you need to revise an entry, you must trace the entry back to its source—the corresponding marker (or marker element, if working with a structured document) in the source document.

The quickest way to find the source of an index entry is to use the hypertext link on the entry in the generated file. This hypertext link can display and select the corresponding information in the source document. If you’re working with a structured document, you can select the element in the Structure View if you can see its bubble.

Another simple way to find and select a marker in the source document is through the Markers pod. The Markers pod displays marker text, the marker type, and document in which the marker is. You can sort the list on marker type to view all the index marker entries in a document. Selecting an entry in the Markers pod automatically highlights the marker in the document. Double-clicking an entry opens the Markers pod for quick editing.

Using the Markers pod makes it easier to select a specific marker if there are multiple markers at exactly the same location in a document.

important:   If you’re generating extremely large indexes (indexes of more than 50,000 markers), don’t use Create Hypertext Links. Generating indexes of this size with Create Hypertext Links selected takes a long time or might not succeed.

Find the source of an index entry by using a link

1)If you did not select Create Hypertext Links when you generated the index, select this option and regenerate.

2)Choose Special > Marker.

3)In the generated index, Alt-Control-click a page reference in an index.

FrameMaker opens the source document to the page that contains the corresponding marker and selects it. The marker text appears in the Marker pod.

Select a marker by using Find/Change

1)In the source document (not in the generated list), choose Edit > Find/Change.

2)Do one of the following:

If you’re working in an unstructured document, choose Any Marker, Marker of Type, or Marker Text from the Find pop-up menu. Enter the marker type or marker text as needed.

If you’re working in a structured document, choose Element from the Find pop-up menu, enter the tag of the element you want to find, and click Set.

3)Click Find.

note:   When a marker is selected, the marker text appears in the Marker pod. Don’t click Change in the Find/Change dialog box to change the marker text. If you do, FrameMaker replaces the marker itself. Instead, change the text in the Marker pod and then click Edit Marker.

September 30, 2016

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