Create and maintain endnotes

Create an endnote

1)Type the first endnote at the end of the document and assign it the paragraph format for endnotes. The paragraph format should include an autonumber so the endnotes will be numbered consecutively.

2)Click where you want to insert the endnote reference and cross-reference the endnote. Use the cross-reference format you created for endnotes.

For example, if endnote references are to be displayed in superscript, and if the document contains a Superscript character format, the cross-reference format <Superscript><$paranu­monly> displays the autonumber of the endnote paragraph as a superscript.

Create an endnote in structured documents

1)Insert the endnote element at the end of the document, and type the text of the note.

2)Click where you want to insert the reference to the endnote.

3)Insert a cross-reference element that was defined to display an endnote reference.

note:   Make sure that the sequence of endnotes is the same as the sequence of references in the docu­ment. FrameMaker does not automatically sequence endnotes as it does with footnotes.

Maintain endnotes

If you change the order of endnote references while editing the document, rearrange the endnotes to match the order of the references. Then update the cross-references to update the endnote reference numbers.

If you delete an endnote, delete all references to it. Otherwise, the reference will be an unre­solved cross-reference.

September 30, 2016

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