Books and long documents

A book file contains the filenames of the documents that make up the book, such as chapters and appendixes, generated files such as a table of contents, and other books. The filename and location of each file are added to the book file and a link is established between the file and the book.

A book can also be organized into a hierarchical setup of related documents using folders and groups. Folders act as chapters, sections, or sub sections depending on their hierarchical level within a book. You can also include related books within a book to build a complex documentation set.

A book file contains pagination and numbering settings for each file in the book. During a book update, FrameMaker updates the numbering throughout the book and can create and update the generated files as well.

Although books can include non-FrameMaker documents, such as .mif or .txt files, their processing is different from .fm files.

September 30, 2016

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