Add files to a book

1)In the book window, choose Add > Files or click AddFileToBook.png.

2)Select the document file or files you want to add to the book, and then click Add.

You can add files by dragging them into a book window.

note:    You can also add files by specifying an HTTP path and filename in the Add Files to Book dialog box. When doing this ensure that you specify a correct path and filename else you may get a message that the file is not in a recognized format and an uneditable dummy file is added to the book.

Associate a structured application with an XML file

You can associate a structured application with the .xml files included in a book.

1)Right-click the .xml file in the book window and select Properties.

2)Select the structured application name from the Use Structured Application list box and click Continue.

September 30, 2016

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