Add a child book

You can also add books within books. These can be unstructured book files or DITA maps. You can now include multiple child books at multiple levels in a book.

1)Open the parent book in which to add a child book.

2)In the book window, choose Add > Files or click AddFileToBook.png.

3)Navigate to and select the .book file you want to add as a child book and click Add. Double-clicking the child book opens it in a separate Resource Manager pod.

note:    You can click the Browse URL button in the Add File dialog box to select a book residing on a WebDAV server.

A child book is treated as a placeholder within the parent book. You cannot edit a child book from within the parent book view. All maintenance tasks must be performed in the child book separately. For example, any book-wide operation on the parent book, such as spell check or find/replace works only on parent book files and not on the child book files. You should search and update child books separately.

Similarly, when updating a parent book for pagination and cross-references, ensure that you first update the child books and then update the parent book. This is because numbering and pagination information is stored at a book level. A book update on the parent book does not affect the page numbering within the files in a child book if the files in the child book are closed.

However, if the files from the child book are already open, then they are updated but not saved. You should always explicitly save all open files after a book update command or after applying a book-wide command.

When saving a parent book file as a PDF, FrameMaker updates information for only those files that belong to the parent book. To ensure that the information is correctly represented in the PDF for child books as well, do one of the following:

First update all child books and then their parent books before saving a book file as a PDF.

Open all files, including the files in the child books before saving the parent book file as a PDF. After creating the PDF, ensure that you save all the open files to preserve any updates.

September 30, 2016

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