Asian language support

FrameMaker provides the option to choose Layout Engine at the paragraph level by specifying para­graph property Asian Composer.

Whenever you select a font that has double byte encoding or is a CJK language font in paragraph designer, you need to check the Use Asian Composer option.

When a legacy document is opened, for all paragraphs containing double byte font or Rubi text this property is switched on so that Asian layout engine will be used for those paragraphs.

Since the two layout engines have different capabilities, scenarios may arise wherein neither engine can handle the text correctly. For example, if a paragraph contains both Rubi and Arabic text, neither engine can handle both of these correctly.

You can also choose to not show this alert and instruct FrameMaker to automatically switch to Asian language support.

1)Open the Preferences dialog (Edit > Preferences).

2)Go to the Global > Alerts tab.

3)Select the Automatically switch to Asian Composer checkbox.