Tips to work with the user interface

Select the brightness

Select the brightness by using the UI Brightness options under Preferences > Interface.

Combine document windows

To consolidate all document windows, floating, minimized, or docked, right-click the tab bar of the docked document window and select Consolidate All To Here from the menu.

Float document windows

Click Arrange Documents icon on the top Application bar and select Float All In Windows. This arranges all the document windows as cascaded floating pods.

Tile documents

Use the Arrange Documents icon to tile document windows vertically or horizontally. This is especially useful for manually comparing documents and layering them side by side.

Bring hidden pods to the front

Sometimes while working with floating document windows or when switching workspaces, the pods may seem difficult to bring to the front.

Undock the pods by dragging them out using the pod title bar.

Dock all floating document windows. Right-click the docked tab bar and select Consoli­date All To Here or drag and dock the floating document windows.

Minimize pods to icons

Right-click on the pods tab bar and select Collapse To Icons from the menu. This option is available only if the pods are floating and not docked. To collapse docked pods, click anywhere in the tab bar.

Reopen the pods

Choose View > Pods and click any pod name. The entire group of pods open at the bottom of the workspace.

Reopen a pod

Choose Windows and select Pods and select the pod you want to reopen.

Collapse all open pod groups to icons

Right-click the tab bar of the pod group and select Collapse To Icons.

Exit the full screen mode

Right-click outside the text frame in the document window and select Toggle Screen Mode.

September 30, 2016

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