Smart catalogs

You can use the Smart catalog as a convenient shortcut to the catalogs available in FrameMaker. For example, to set a paragraph format in a document, you use the Smart catalog to quickly search for and select the required paragraph format. In a structured document, you can easily find the required elements and attributes to insert at a point in the document.

See the video, Smart Catalogs.

To use the Smart catalog:

1)Place the cursor at the required location in the document.

For instance, for character and paragraph formats, place the cursor inside a paragraph. For elements and attributes in a structured document, place the pointer at the element insertion location in the structure view.

2)Press the Smart catalog shortcut key. See, the Smart catalog shortcut keys defined below.

The Smart catalog dialog displays.

Smart catalog dialog


The focus of the pointer is now within the text box at the top of the dialog.

3)To search for an item in the current catalog, start typing either the name of the item or the description. As you type, the list in the dialog is narrowed down.

For example, if you want to insert a list element in a structured document, you can type the name of the list element: ul, ol, or dl. You can, however, also type the description of the element, list, and the dialog list is narrowed down to all the available list items in element catalog.

Filtered elements


note:    The list of displayed items in the dialog is limited to 10. If the list exceeds 10, you can use the scrollbar to navigate up and down the list.

Smart catalog shortcut keys


Smart Catalog

Applies to...

F8, Ctrl + 8

Character catalog

Structured and Unstructured

F9, Ctrl + 9

Paragraph catalog

Structured and Unstructured

Ctrl + 1

Element catalog


Ctrl + 2

Wrap element


Ctrl + 3

Change element


Ctrl + 4

Apply condition

Structured and Unstructured

Ctrl + 5

Remove condition

Structured and Unstructured

Ctrl + 7

Attributes catalog


Esc + q + o

Object styles catalog

Structured and Unstructured

note:    To restore the Hierarchical Element insert functionality available in FrameMaker 11.0, set the EnableOldSmartInsert flag to ON in the maker.ini.

September 30, 2016

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