Restore last session

FrameMaker allows you to restore the last session you were working on when you last exited FrameMaker or it crashed. In case of a crash, when you launch FrameMaker again, FrameMaker displays an alert where you can choose whether or not to restore the last session. By restoring the last session, you can reinstate the following as you were working on them in the last session:

View: XML Code, WYSIWYG, or Author


The document in focus

The files open in the last session (Except the files open through the CMS connector in the last session)

Page numbers in focus for different documents

The scroll space for the master, body and reference pages

Tab order of the documents

Palettes (such as Equation, Templates, and Thesaurus browser) file: The last read file (On restore, the last read file is read again)

See the video: Single click session restore.

Conditions to restore last session

If all the following conditions are met, you can restore last session:

1)There were files open when you exited FrameMaker or it crashed. In other words, there is something to restore in the last session. If you exit files FrameMaker after manually closing the files, there is nothing to restore.

2)There are no open files when you try to restore the last session

3)The current mode of FrameMaker (Structured, Unstructured, or XML Author) is same as FrameMaker’s last exit mode.

Steps to restore the last session

To restore FrameMaker’s last session, launch FrameMaker and do one of the following:

Click Restore Last Session on the starter screen.


Select File > Restore Last Session.


Use the keyboard shortcut Esc r s.

In case FrameMaker crashes, when you relaunch FrameMaker, FrameMaker displays an alert message where you can click Yes to restore the last session.

FrameMaker restores the last session. If there are some files that could not be restored, FrameMaker displays an error message and lists the files in the console.

Preferences for alerts on restore

In the preferences dialog, you can select whether or not to display the alerts, such as missing fonts and unresolved cross references, on session restore. The alerts that require user action, such as missing graphics, appear even when you have disabled the alerts.

September 30, 2016

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