Document window

A document window appears when you open a structured or unstructured FrameMaker document. The window shows the document text formatted, with graphics and other items in place, and every­thing laid out in a page design. If more than one document is open, a document window appears for each one.

The document window is the only window available in the unstructured workspace. In the struc­tured workspace, you can also view element boundaries in the document window.

Tabbed documents

When you open more than one file, the document windows are tabbed. You can open documents as floating windows by clearing the Open Documents As Tabs option in the Interface Preferences dialog box.

Documents appear as tabs in the document view


However, when you add a generated file, such as a Table of Contents, the generated file appears minimized in the lower-left corner of your workspace. There are multiple ways in which you can organize floating and tabbed document windows.

To dock a document window in a group of document windows, drag the window into the group.

To rearrange the order of tabbed document windows, drag a window’s tab to a new location in the group.

To undock a document window from a group of windows, drag the window’s tab out of the group.

note:   When you minimize a floating document window, it covers a part of the FrameMaker status bar. You cannot move the minimized window to a new location.

September 30, 2016

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