Caret location and movement

By default, the cursor in an RTL enabled document moves right to left as your type. FrameMaker now has system of a strong (primary) caret and a weak (secondary) caret. The strong caret indicates where an inserted character will be displayed when that character's direction is the same as the base direction of the text. The weak caret shows where an inserted character will be displayed when the character's direction is the opposite to the base direction.

To change the movement behavior of the caret:

1)Open the Preferences dialog (Choose Edit > Preferences).

2)In the Caret Movement group, choose Logical to ensure that the key movement remains the same as the logical order of inserted characters.

Choose Visual to ensure that the cursor movement is in the direction of the keys. For example, the left key moves the cursor in the left direction.

September 30, 2016

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