Add metadata to a document

FrameMaker includes built-in support for Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP). Metadata, or file information, is descriptive information that can be searched and processed by a computer. Use it to provide information about the contents of a document, and to preserve information about a docu­ment that will be opened in other Adobe applications. If you export the file to PDF, much of this metadata will appear in Acrobat.

Metadata tags travel with the document and describe its content. By embedding them in your docu­ments, you make the documents easier to track, manage, and retrieve.

note:   Metadata in a book file sometimes overrides metadata in a document file. If your document is part of a book file, open the book file and select the document before you add metadata.

1)Make the appropriate document window or book window active. If a book window is active, select the documents you want to affect.

2)Choose File > File Info.

3)Enter the desired information in the box next to any or all categories.

4)For Marked, choose Yes if the document is copyrighted, or No if the document is explicitly in the public domain. Choose Unknown if you’re not sure.

5)Click Set.

September 30, 2016

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