The FrameMaker software provides a number of features that improve access for visually impaired users. In particular, it:

Provides support for high-contrast viewing for users with low visual acuity.

Creates tagged Adobe PDF files when converting FrameMaker files to tagged PDF, making it easier for people who use screen reader software to navigate a document in the proper reading order. For information on how to turn your FrameMaker documents into tagged Adobe PDF files, see Tagged PDF output.

Supports assistive technology, such as screen reader software for the Windows® platform.

Screen readers let visually impaired users interact with the computer by interpreting what is happening on the screen and sending that information to speech-synthesis devices. The screen reader will follow the logical structure of the document. Screen readers can read FrameMaker docu­ments viewed in FrameMaker, or tagged PDF documents viewed in Adobe Acrobat® or Adobe Reader®. Refer to your screen reader documentation for information on installation and use with documents viewed in FrameMaker or Acrobat.

For more information on accessibility in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe PDF documents, see the Acrobat online Help and the Adobe website.

September 30, 2016

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