Spark DataGrid and Grid controls

The Spark DataGrid control displays a row of column headings above a scrollable grid. The grid consists of a collection of individual cells arranged in rows and columns. The DataGrid control is designed to support smooth scrolling through a large number of rows and columns.

The Spark DataGrid control is implemented as a skinnable wrapper around the Spark Grid control. The Grid control defines the columns of the data grid, and much of the functionality of the DataGrid control itself.

The DataGrid skin is responsible for laying out the grid, the column headers, and the scroller. The skin also configures the graphic elements used to render visual elements used as indicators, separators, and backgrounds. The DataGrid skin defines a default item renderer used to display the contents of each cell.

Note: Because the DataGrid control is implemented as a wrapper on the Grid control, they share much of the same functionality. Therefore, many of the examples below are for the DataGrid control, but can be easily modified to apply to the Grid control.

The Spark DataGrid control provides the following features:

  • Interactive column width resizing

  • Control of column visibility

  • Cell and row selection

  • Single item and multiple item selection modes

  • Customizable column headers

  • Cell editing

  • Column sorting

  • Custom item renderers and item editors

  • Custom skins to control all aspects of the appearance of the DataGrid control