About Spark effects

The Spark effects are divided into categories based on their implementation and target type, as the following table shows:



Property effects

Animates the change of one or more properties of the target.

Transform effects

Animates the change of one or more transform-related properties of the target, such as the scale, rotation, and position. The target can be modified in parallel with other transform effects with no interference among the effects.

Pixel-shader effects

Animates the change from one bitmap image to another, where the bitmap image represents the before and after states of the target.

Filter effects

Applies a filter to the target where the effect modifies the properties of the filter, not properties of the target.

3D effects

A subset of the transform effects that modify the 3D transform properties of the target.

Spark effects can be applied to:
  • Any Spark or MX component.

  • Any graphical component in the spark.primitives package, such as Rect, Ellipse, and path.

  • Any object that contains the styles or properties modified by the effect.