Policy file logging

Flash Player 9 and later support policy file logging. The policy file log shows messages for every event relating to policy files like the crossdomain.xml file. This includes attempts to retrieve them, successes and failures in processing them, and the fate of the requests that depend on them.

The policy file log file is named policyfiles.txt. It is in the same location as the trace log (flashlog.txt). For information on where to find these log files, see Log file location.

To use policy file logging, you must use the debug version of Flash Player. In addition, you must add the following to your mm.cfg file:

PolicyFileLog=1   # Enables policy file logging 
PolicyFileLogAppend=1  # Optional; do not clear log at startup

For more information about editing the mm.cfg file, see Editing the mm.cfg file.

To test if you are logging policy file log messages, open any SWF file with your debug player. The application does not need to use a policy file, or even be running on the network. In the log file, you should see at least one message indicating that the root-level SWF was loaded.

For information about the meaning of the policy file log messages, see http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/fplayer9_security.html.