Skinning TLF-based text controls

You do not typically add skins or chrome to the Spark text controls.

The Label, RichText, and RichEditableText Spark text controls are used in the skins of skinnable components. Because each has a different set of features, you can use the lightest weight text control that meets your needs.

For example, the default skin of a Spark Button uses the Label class to render the label of the Button. If you have a Button that requires rich text, you can sometimes replace the Label control in its skin with a RichText control.

The default skins of the Spark TextInput and TextArea controls use a RichEditableText control to provide an area in which text can be edited. The border and background are provided by a Rect class, and the scrollbars by a Scroller class.

For more information on skinning Spark controls, see Spark Skinning.