Export Apple iOS packages for release

You can create and export an iOS package for ad hoc distribution or for submission to the Apple App Store.

Important: Before exporting an iOS package, ensure that you obtain the required certificates and a distribution provisioning profile from Apple. To do so, follow the steps described in Prepare to build, debug, or deploy an iOS application.

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Build and export iOS applications

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Learn to build and export iOS applications using Flex and Flash Builder

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  1. In Flash Builder, select Project > Export Release Build.

  2. Select Apple iOS as the target platform to export and sign an IPA package.

    Click Next.

  3. Select the P12 certificate and the distribution provisioning profile that you obtained from Apple.

  4. On the Packaging Settings page, you can select the provisioning certificate, digital certificate, package contents, and any native extensions.

    When you export an iOS package, the AIR runtime is embedded within the IPA file by default.

    Digital Signature
    Select the P12 certificate and the distribution provisioning profile that you obtained from Apple.
    You can select one of the following package types:
    • Ad Hoc Distribution For Limited Distribution For a limited distribution of the application

    • Final Release Package For Apple App Store To submit the application to the Apple App Store

    Package Contents
    (Optional) Click the Package Contents tab to specify which files to include in the package.

    Native Extensions
    (Optional) Select the native extensions that you want to include in the application package.

    For more information about native extensions, see Develop ActionScript extensions.

  5. Click Finish.

    Flash Builder validates the configuration of the package settings and then compiles the application. Once the packaging is complete, you can install the IPA file on a connected Apple iOS device or submit to the Apple App Store.

To package the IPA file using the AIR Developer Tool (ADT), see iOS packages in Building AIR Applications.