Manage launch configurations

Flash Builder uses launch configurations when you run or debug mobile applications. You can specify whether to launch the application on the desktop or on a device connected to your computer.

To create a launch configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Select Run > Run Configurations to open the Run Configurations dialog.

    To open the Debug Configurations dialog, select Run > Debug Configurations. See Test and debug a mobile application on a device.

    You can also access the Run or Debug Configurations in the drop-down list of the Run button or the Debug button in the Flash Builder toolbar.

  2. Expand the Mobile Application node. Click the New Launch Configuration button in the dialog toolbar.

  3. Specify a target platform in the drop-down list.

  4. Specify a launch method:
    • On Desktop

      Runs or debugs the application on your desktop using the AIR Debug Launcher (ADL), according to a device configuration that you have specified. This launch method is not a true emulation of the application running on a device. However, it does let you view the application layout and interact with the application. See Preview applications with ADL.

      Click Configure to edit device configurations. See Configure device information for desktop preview.

    • On Device

      Installs and runs the application on the device.

      For the Google Android platform, Flash Builder installs the application on your device and launches the application. Flash Builder accesses the device connected to your computer’s USB port. See Test and debug a mobile application on a device for more information.

      Windows requires a USB driver to connect an Android device to your computer. For more information, see Install USB device drivers for Android devices (Windows).

  5. Specify whether to clear application data on each launch, if applicable.