The Fireworks Object Model

If you want to extend the functionality of Adobe Fireworks CS5 by writing or modifying a JavaScript extensibility file, you must become familiar with the objects that Fireworks makes available through JavaScript. The hierarchy of these objects comprises the Fireworks Object Model, which contains the following major components:

  • Six global methods that are available from any part of the application and need not be declared as methods of a particular object. For more information, see Global methods.

  • Core objects: Dialogs, Document, pngText, Errors, Files, Find, and System. For more information, see Core objects and The Document object. (The App object that was used in Fireworks 3 is supported for backward compatibility, but its use is deprecated in favor of the Fireworks object.)

  • The Fireworks object (for more information, see The Fireworks Object).

  • Numerous objects associated with Fireworks documents, such as ExportOptions, Guides, Path, Image, and Text. For more information, see Objects within Fireworks documents.

  • A set of objects that you can use to specify the format of HTML code when exporting from Fireworks. For more information, see HTML export objects.