Use Gantt charts to modify campaigns, projects, and assets

Add team-members in Gantt chart views

Optionally, you can add team members to the campaign, project, or asset from right within the in the Resources pod in the right pane.
  • Select Options > Add and add the required members using the Search For Individual dialog box. Once added, the selected members are listed in the Team area.

These new members have no responsibilities towards the campaign, but they receive notifications when statuses change. They also get access to the solution interface so that they can proactively see how the campaign is progressing.
Team members are inherited bottom-up in a campaign. See Team member inheritance

Duplicate a project or asset for reuse

In Use an existing campaign as a template, we discussed how you can reuse a campaign. Similarly, while working within a campaign Gantt chart, you can duplicate a project or asset for reuse.
  • Select the relevant project or asset in the Gantt chart view and select Options > Duplicate Selected. If you duplicated a project, the assets it contains are automatically duplicated.

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    Duplicating a project in the Gantt chart view. Note that the duplicated project (and the assets under it) are not activated yet. The assets were duplicated automatically when the project was duplicated.

View/download earlier versions of an asset

The Versions pod in the Gantt chart right-pane shows the progression of assets from one review to the next. If a new file is uploaded for review at each stage, a new version will be available in this pod for each stage. However, if the same file is used from stage to stage, the version number is not incremented. However, while navigating, you can still see which version was used for a stage.

Follow these steps to view the different versions of an asset:
  1. Open the asset-level Gantt chart in one of the following ways:
    • Double-click the asset in the campaign-level Gantt chart.

    • Double-click the asset in the Assets view.

  2. Navigate to the Versions pod in the right-pane.

  3. Select a version of the asset to preview it in the upper area of the pod. Click Enlarge, if necessary.

Note: In the Versions pod, you can also download the asset in the native/PDF formats. For procedural information, see Download/reuse an existing asset.

View review comments on assets

The Comments pod in asset Gantt charts lets you quickly see the review comments for an asset through the stages.
  1. In an asset Gantt chart, navigate to the Comments pod in the right pane.

  2. Select a combination of author, version, and stage to view the relevant comments.

  3. Optionally, export a PDF version of the asset along with all comments (in XFDF format) that reviewers have made on the document. All comments on the selected version of the asset are exported.

    This capability is important, because the asset owner may want to email the commented PDF to the Creative Professional while requesting rework on the asset.

Note: You cannot export a commented PDF file for a stage that is yet to start.