Understand available projects

Integrated Content Review includes source code for the solution interface as well as some building blocks and platform components.

Building block projects

Project category


Resource bundles

This project contains the resource bundles for all supported locales. These bundles include all strings that are displayed on the Flex-based solution interface. This project includes the following subprojects:
  • AEP_SDKS\riaservices\projectmanagement\\flex\src\adobe-prm-rb-src.zip (Project Management building block)

  • AEP_SDKS\riaservices\ reviewcommentingandapproval\\flex\src\adobe-rca-rb-src.zip (Review, Commenting, and Approval building block)

Styles and skins

This project contain the MXML skin classes and style sheets, together with related assets, such as icons, logos, skins, and so on. It includes the following projects:
  • AEP_SDKS\riaservices\projectmanagement\\flex\src\ adobe-prm-styles-src.zip (Project Management building block)

  • AEP_SDKS\riaservices\ reviewcommentingandapproval \\flex\src\ adobe-rca-styles-src.zip (Review, Commenting, and Approval building block)

Solution interface project

The solution interface with full source code is available for customization. Follow these steps to download this project:
  1. Go to http://localhost:4502/crx/browser/index.jsp.

  2. In the Path field, type in:

    Press Enter to look up the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform Experience Services - Content Repository.

  3. In the lower-right pane, click the ZIP archive link beside the path label. Save the ZIP archive to your computer.

  4. Extract the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder named ICR_SOURCE.

Structure of the solution interface ZIP archive

The solution interface ZIP archive (ICR_SOURCE/integratedcontentreview) contains the following folders:

Metadata required to build the ICR package. Do not modify the contents of this folder.

Contains the structure of the ICR package, complete with all Content Repository-specific files. The important files are:
  • content\icr\assets\icons – Icons used by the Flex application

  • content\icr\assets\var-names – Localized variable names for custom variables, used by the Adobe Creative Suite Task List Extension for Integrated Content Review. You can configure these variable names.

  • content\icr\assets\email_templates – Email Templates

  • content\icr\assets\.content.xml – Organizational titles; configurable

  • apps\solutions\icr\icr.jsp – Main JSP into which the campaign portal SWF file is loaded

  • apps\solutions\icr\assetDefinitions – Data dictionary files

  • etc\aep\config\datadictionary\apps\icr – Data dictionary localization files

Flex project to generate portal SWF file

Java project to generate the ICR bundle

Build scripts to generate the package